PARK HAS BIG WORD OF PRAYER: Yesterday I watched that heinous, racist, Jeff Sessions smiling, like the Cheshire Cat, smiling——– smiling—– as he quoted Paul from the Bible.
MAY I REMIND YOU AND EVERYONE ——— AND THAT HEINOUS RACIST- THAT PAUL WAS NOT AN AMERICAN, OR AN ELECTED OFFICIAL. And therefore Paul’s policies don’t stand. How can an AG start quoting the Bible when the founding fathers said there must be a separation between church and state? Not that there should be, but that there MUST BE.Here’s the deal, if Trump or Obama decided to become Muslim and enact Sharia Law- HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT? THAT IS WHY THERE IS A SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. I can’t tell you how to live, but stop being so politically naive. In Russia dissenters were sent to Siberia. In China they were killed. In Germany they were sent to internment camps and then ovens- and right now we – WE AS AN INHUMANE COUNTRY –are erecting TENTS IN NEW MEXICO DESERT IN THE SUMMER TO PUT CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM THEIR PARENTS. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world…………this is what the Russians did. This is what is happening, folks. And everybody just goes to work and comes home and watches the TV. And your country is being stolen out from under you and Jeff Sessions has shameless gall to quote the Bible as this country it wrenches children from their mother’s arms…..

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