I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I will fight hard to that end. I believe in the Supreme Court of the United States which ruled on this issue a long time ago. And that is the law of the land. I believe poor women should have affordable  pap smears and breast exams and choices. Reproductive options are a woman’s right. Planned Parenthood provides those resources to women less fortunate than those in the middle class. Matricide has gone down for decades. it is on the rise in black women. Why? My guess, no affordable health care. Fewer Planned Parenthood offices due to the misguided and dangerous beliefs of  fringe conservatives. Mothers dying in childbirth is not acceptable because some nut conservatives want that child born. They want it born no matter how unwanted it is or into what hell it will be born. That is unacceptable.   That is cruel and way unusual punishment. And it is 2018, folks.  Mothers dying in childbirth is unacceptable. Women’s reproductive rights are being challenged all over this nation by the Republican base. And this must stop.