The fact of the matter is something has to be done. We cannot continue to absolve a society that stands by and lets children kill children. I know that  TN is a gun state. I know that. But we must do something as a society to stem this wave of inexplicable violence. There are no short-term answers. My personal feeling is that assault weapons,  street sweepers, and semi-automatic rifles do not belong in the hands of the public. Look, we can’t go on like this. Our country is ill. Your children are in danger. It starts with education. Change comes slowly to Appalachia, but we must begin to face this hideous national illness together and we need to start now.

I received a survey from the TN State Gun Rights Org….I threw it in the trash. And, I threw the NRA’s in the trash. But I wrote them and told them we must begin to talk to each other before we can forgive and move on.

I believe strongly in the right to bear arms. But what arms? At what price to society? At what price to your children?  Let’s talk about it. I’d love to hear from all of you on this issue.